Roger L. Simon

It's my party and you can cry if you want to...

The Associated Press buries the lede in its report of the captured suicide bomber in Amman. It takes until the sixth paragraph for the sometimes insurgent-friendly or enabling AP (they of the Pulitzer Prize in photography for miraculous on-the-scene photographs of “insurgent” bomb attacks) to inform us that this bomb-laden woman, Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, was “dressed for a party” while riding in a taxi with her husband to the Radisson Hotel. In other words, these psychopaths were intentionally headed for a Muslim wedding where they would blow everybody up, including themselves. King Abdullah had it right – “these people are insane.”

UPDATE: This may be one of the most amazing pieces of live TV since Ruby shot Oswald – the woman has confessed on Jordanian television.

Looking nervous and wringing her hands, al-Rishawi described the attack on the Radisson. The Grand Hyatt and Days Inn hotels also were bombed.

“My husband detonated (his bomb) and I tried to explode my belt but it wouldn’t,” she said. “People fled running and I left running with them.”

Another chickenhawk, I guess. I don’t know about the wisdom of sticking this homicidal lunatic on television, but they did it. And we’ll all be watching. Talk about reality TV! Was her husband the contemptible human being who murdered Rima Assad?