Roger L. Simon

La Haine

Clive Davis continues the discussion of France/Amérique with a wise caveat:

Somewhere in his book Free World (I haven’t got time to look it up now – I’m on a deadline) Timothy Garton Ash talks about the temptation, post-9/11, to give in to the “hubris of the victim”. He’s right. It may be comforting to do that, but it’s not a good idea when you’re the world’s only superpower.

True enough. But the very balanced Mr. Davis pointed me, in email, to this article by French filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz (La Haine) – It’s Hard Not to Cheer on the Rioters – which wins today’s Michael Moore Award. Kassovitz replaces Bush Derangement Syndrome with Sarkozy Derangement Syndrome (SDS – how ironic is that!)…. [But he’s so much better a director than Moore.-ed. So it goes.]