Roger L. Simon

Credibility Revisted

I’m up in the Santa Ynez Valley, enjoying my daughter’s school campout and my friend Andy’s phenomenal ranch (hence the low blogging), but I couldn’t resist weighing in once again on this terror credibility issue.

Various political and bureaucratic hacks on both sides of the aisle having been staking out their turf regarding the reality of this threat to the NY subway, which is said to have begun in Iraq. Homeland Security – someone there anyway – is among the naysayers. Even the President’s humdrum porte-parole McClellan (not exactly Demosthenes he) pooh-poohed the whole thing.

I don’t get it. Isn’t this an area where we should err on the side of caution? No one…. I’m assuming… had a “credible” warning about the explosion in the London tubes. Or the recent Bali bombings. At least not credible enough to act with sufficient vigor to save lives. Let’s take our help (and our information) where we can get it. If it’s wrong a thousand times, or even ten thousand times, the one time it’s right is worth it.

I’m with Mayor Bloomberg on this one. I bet Giuliani is too. Anyone responsible for that many people (eight million NEw Yorkers) can’t turn away when confronted with information like this. Would you?