Roger L. Simon

Banned in Beijing

BEIJING (AFX) – China’s propaganda minders have tightened the rules on domestic Internet sites in an effort to curb ‘unhealthy news stories’ on the web, state press reported.

The new regulations were issued by the information office of the State Council, China’s cabinet, yesterday, the China Daily reported.

‘We need to better regulate the online news services with the emergence of so many unhealthy news stories that will easily mislead the public,’ a State Council spokesman was quoted as saying.

Bulletin board services and short messaging services that transmit news stories will also be subject to the new regulations, the report said.

Maybe online monsters Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google will have some comment about this, but don’t hold your breath if their previous actions are any indication.

UPDATE: Of course, this current visitor to China may hold the keys to freedom. He certainly knows how to find the seam. Quotations from Chairman Allen anyone?