Clive Mourns Mrs. Miniver

Clive Davis has a… superb as usual… piece today on Tech Central Station, Mrs. Miniver Is Dead, which has a dark view indeed of British attitudes towards America. As one who grew up an Anglophile and a Europhile, I find this hugely depressing. Ironically, in many ways Europe is now more provincial than America and genuinely ignorant of anything about our country other than our pervasive pop culture.


Davis naturally faults the relentless BBC propaganda machine (and other similar media outlets) for much of this anti-Americanism, but he also writes: America itself has to accept some of the blame. Even though I’m a Bush admirer, the sheer ineptitude of the administration’s public relations has been astounding.

No kidding! By far the best defenses of American foreign policy appear on blogs, of all places. This says worlds about the administration’s hapless public relations abilities. And at a moment like this! It’s time for the Bush people to look around for help. They need spokespeople with some linguistic ability. I’m serious.


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