Roger L. Simon

Gasping for Air

Britain is apparently complaining that it was sandbagged by the new environmental iniative just proposed by its anglosphere allies the US and Australia. Some “environmentalists” (scare quotes deliberate) are also worried that it is meant to undermine Kyoto. The US says that it is not. We are probably being disingenuous, but that’s inevitable and irrelevant. The Kyoto Protocols – increasingly a propagandistic charade – were dead in the water anyway. (It’s hard to imagine many of its signers had any intention of following it in the first place.) The new proposal is at first glance more logical and effective because its main approach is sharing and developing new technologies. Unlike Kyoto, it includes the new economic behemoths China and India, without whose active involvement global environmental reform would be pointless. Perhaps that’s what’s bothering the Brits. The real action is moving to Asia. But we already knew that, didn’t we?