Roger L. Simon

The Shame of MSNBC

What is most surprising about Christopher Hitchens’ decimation of semi-literate talk show host Ron Reagan on Reagan’s show the other day is finally how unsurprising it is. It was like observing an expert sniper shoot a deaf-and-dumb duck.

As we all know, very few people watch MSNBC and the reason for it is obvious: The network insults our intelligence be putting people as fundamentally uneducated as Reagan in the positions they do. Having a man who sounds as if he barely made it out of a third-rate junior college home economics course (apologies to home economists) run a serious (or even quasi-serious) political show makes everyone around him, qualified or not, sound like a buffoon. It also demonstrates a disprespect for the American public which, during these serious times, borders on contempt. And for what? No one’s watching anyway. You would think the major corporations backing this network would be paying attention, but they don’t seem to care.