Esalen Meets the War on Terror

I read my buddy Tim’s (tomorrow, today… who knows?… hey, it’s Australia) post on Andrew “Goody” Jaspan, the editor of the Melbourne Age, who evidently is displeased that freed Iraq hostage Douglas Wood might be seeking vengeance on the murdering thugs who kidnapped him. (Note to Jaspan: you’d make a lousy screenwriter.)


But (big admission here) as the blogger with perhaps the longest residency in California… easily the world’s epicenter of sensitivity training… I have an offer to make Mr. Wood. Sir, I will introduce you to the California Guru of Your Choice to help you deal with your “anger problem.” Or failing that I’ll lend you my dog-eared paperback of Hannah Arendt’s The Banality of Evil (if I can find it).

As for “Goody” Jaspan, as you seem to request, I will send you a halo. Don’t worry. It’s adjustable – even for moral pinheads like you.

(via Glenn)


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