Roger L. Simon

Accidental Movie Review

Sheryl and I went to the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood last night to catch the well-reviewed CRASH, Paul Haggis’ new film, but arrived late and ended up seeing THE INTERPRETER. Because of my well-known interest in Oil-for-Food, many people had written asking me my opinion of this movie, but I had stayed away, I admit, out of respect for its director and consequent fear that it would be a well-made defense of the United Nations as it is (not as it should be). Actually, it’s such a complete botch the only thing I should have been afraid of was falling asleep. THE INTERPRETER is incomprehensible pabulum about a made-up African country with made-up problems solved only, it seemed, (where were the so-called liberals in this?) by white people. Halfway through and for the rest of the movie my mind kept drifting off to the excellent Hotel Rwanda, which for a mere two-million dollars was infinitely more powerful and real than this frothy, over-blown nonsense.