Roger L. Simon

Testifyin' Howard

I don’t know what to make of Howard Dean’s new Holy Roller persona as the recently-anointed Democratic Party Chairman barnstorms through the South, preachin’ values and fearin’ the Lord. But as least he’s not calling Republicans “evil” or “brain-dead” anymore. In fact, he’s beginning to sound dawnright reason’ble:


”It’s not about Republicans and Democrats, but about democracy that works,” [Dean] said. ”I’d rather see someone go to work for a Republican campaign than sit on their butt.”

Well said, Howard. Unfortunately, amidst all his Scripture quoting, the Democratic Party Chairman may have revealed, consciously or unconsciously, the real reason for his party’s demise last November. As The Tennessean put it:

In the first [Dean] said Jesus’ directive to ”love thy neighbor” didn’t mean one could choose which ones to love. He then remarked that Republicans never brought up the scriptural verse saying it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

That couldn’t have been John Kerry, could it?

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