Roger L. Simon

"Mr Brown, you have a lovely daughter..."

Well, I don’t know if new UN Chief of Staff Mark Malloch Brown even has a daughter (in the original Herman’s Hermits version or this one) but I do know he thinks his boss Kofi Annan has a lousy son (Kojo). At least it looks as if the soon-to-be-released Volcker Commission Report will be calling it that way–and Brown should know if anybody does:

“At the moment we have story of a son who is being investigated for his actions, and they will have to be judged on their own rights as to whether they were appropriate or not,” said Mr. Brown. “The second phase of the story is, are they in any way linked to wrongdoings by the secretary-general, and we stand by it that we believe on Tuesday the secretary-general will be exonerated of any wrongdoing.”

Mr. Malloch Brown pointed out that Kojo Annan had previously admitted misleading his father about his relationship with Cotecna. The staff chief suggested that the Volcker Commission would judge the younger Annan’s activities harshly.

There’s something creepy in that, isn’t there? The Secretary General of the United Nations’ son left, in the immortal Watergate coinage, to twist slowly in the wind, while the father tells the international body how to reform itself.

UPDATE: The Canada Free Press reports Kojo profiteering in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe as well. (hat tip: Julian)