The Manolo The Interview

It had to the happen. The Manolo is interviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer. (Warning: The registration is THE ANNOYING). For those wondering about the identity:


Q: One thinks you may be a man of Latin descent and breathtaking handsomeness. Is this correct? How old is the Manolo? How tall? How tan?

A: The Manolo he is indeed the man, the man who is in the prime of his life and approaching the age of the middle.

Although the Manolo he would like to reply that he is handsome, he is by the objective standards sadly not. Indeed, the lamentable fact it is that the Manolo was not blessed with the elegant frame, and is not as tall as he would like to be, nor certainly as thin. Happily, however, the Manolo does have the most handsome feet, with the high arches and the pleasing proportions.

The Manolo, of course, comments himself here. (No registraton required… yet.)


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