Roger L. Simon

Bring It On - The Sequel

I wish I could agree with Ed Morrisey’s suspicion that Senators McCain and Feingold are up to no good where blogs are concerned. (via Instapundit) As Ed puts it of the senators:

Now they want us to trust them not to go after bloggers with this power which they wanted to hide from people by issuing this misleading statement. Do you trust them? Have they been honest with you so far?

Well, okay, probably not. What politicians have? A mighty short list. But to restrict the free speech of bloggers by loosely interpreting some already discredited legislation would be a boneheaded maneuver by these or any other pols, not to mention the bureaucrats at some government agency. They would be under endless bombardment by the blogosphere, which is filled to overflowing with lawyers. And we would win. A good portion of the mainstream media would even defend us. The attack on Dan Rather would seem paltry by comparison.

It would be a great victory for the blogosphere, putting us on the map as never before as the great defenders of free speech. McCain, Feingold and even the bureaucrats certainly know that. They don’t want to look bad. And that’s why it ain’t gonna happen. But it’s nice to think about…

One other thing, according to Technorati there are now 7,718,207 weblogs. That’s a whole lot of people – and voters! Just to put a John McCain spin on it – that’s about two million more people than the entire population of Arizona.

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