Roger L. Simon

The Times They Are A...Changin'

I don’t want to brag that I wrote The New York Times editorial on March 1 was a sea change in traditionalist liberal reaction to the War in Iraq, but Bill Richardson’s appearance on the Today show this morning (transcribed by Citizen Smash) is another indication that I was right. This is not to take away from the New Mexico governor who is one of our more honest politicians, but… pathetic as that is…it almost seems that the Times has given him and others a permission slip. Even the reified Katie Couric seemed to be going along this time. Will Howard Dean be far behind? How strange it must be for these liberals to have to face the fact that they were not liberal after all.

UPDATE: Et tu, Teddy. I’m telling you – Howard Dean could be next. [And give him the last laugh?-ed. You’re right.]