Roger L. Simon

I Am "Syrious" Yellow

While TigerHawk reports how Germany and even Russia have joined the fray jawboning Syria, Debka… not surprisingly… has more ominous news.

Assad told Saudi leaders he is determined to leave 3,000 Syrian troops and early warning stations in Lebanon – according to Saudi and Egyptian sources. Syrian president arrived in Riyadh Thursday to rally Saudi support for his refusal to quit Lebanon.

Sources in Beirut report Syria has reinforced units deployed on hills overlooking Lebanese capital. DEBKAfile’s military sources have also sighted unusual Syrian military movements in the last 24 hours in Lebanon and Syria.

I doubt the Saudis will want to play with the Syrians on this one. If they do, it will be a big mistake for them. It’s too obviously a losing hand. But will Bashar and his overlords go quietly? We can only hope.

UPDATE: Here’s more on the Middle Eastern dinosaurs… in this case Prince Saud and Mubarak… looking for a way to slow the dangerous growth of democracy.