Roger L. Simon

Litterbugs of Amazon

Several people have called to my attention that some “progressive thinkers” have been going to the Amazon URLs where my books are sold and giving those books one-star (out of five) reviews and leaving derisory comments. These people (or person, who knows?) were undoubtedly motivated by their dislike of the content on this blog. In several cases, they admit they didn’t even read the books.

This juvenile behavior is, of course, a problem with the Amazon system. I am not sure if it is actually costing me money (turning people off buying the books), but I can promise you it doesn’t make me feel good. It’s sort of like waking up in the morning and finding graffiti all over the front wall of your house – and not very artistic graffiti at that – more like idiotic scrawls.

Amazon, as far as I can tell, does not allow for the correction of this kind of thing. And even so, trying to talk to a human being at the online behemoth, unless you’re Jeff Bezos’ mother, seems nigh on impossible. If anyone reading this knows how I can contact Amazon about this directly, I would be appreciative. I am sure there are other authors who have been similarly slimed.

UPDATE: Thanks to Allah(pundit), I just dialed the 800 number for AMazon (800-201-7575) and spoke to an actual person who was very cordial and helpful. They are looking into the matter and will be back to me within three business day. I will keep you posted on this admittedly minor adventure.