Roger L. Simon

Dinosaur Alert

It has struck me that the jihadis may not actually be behind today’s absurd “Barbie Doll Terror” hostage posted on Drudge and all over the Internet. Do Zarqawi & Co. benefit from posting something so silly on a website that can be so easily exposed? Not much. So cui bono in making this image which has made the gullible Associated Press seem like amateur buffoons out of a Three Stooges movie? Bloggers, well maybe. Hackers having fun, well maybe. CIA black ops, even possibly. No one has much positive to say about the Associated Press these days, that curious group whose photographers just happen to show up when Iraqi poll workers are gunned down in the street. Decent Iraqis too have reason to despise and therefore ridicule them. Of course, it’s true jihadis still could have done this, but I’ll wager AP, at least in its present form, is going the way of the brontosaurus.

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