Roger L. Simon

Extreme Short Run Thinking

Mickey may be right that Teddy Kennedy’s dim-witted speech three days before the Iraqi election followed by John Kerry’s typically hangdog reaction to the same event were preaching-to-the-choir for online fund-raising purposes, but I doubt it. And if he is, it’s amazingly short-sighted. The Democrat’s problem isn’t money (they had plenty of that). It’s voters. No money in the world can get them back what they lost in the last election when they lost people like me and many readers of this blog for the first time. (I used to think we were exceptional until I saw the results.) By making statements that appear on the wrong side of history they only push us further away. That is the kind of psychological misjudgment often made by extremely depressed people, which Kerry and Kennedy appear to be. They don’t need more cash from the readers of the Daily Kos. They need some psychoanalysis… or maybe Prozac.