Why I Am for Capital Punishment...

… Well, I’m not actually… For a variety of reasons, I oppose capital punishment in all instances but one — genocidal or mass-murdering dictators. Those swine (from Hitler to Saddam) must be eradicated because they have too many followers who can spring them from prison to kill again (possibly again on a mass scale).


Today we have the blood-curdling story of Saddam’s lawyer Ziad Khasawneh informing us: “President Saddam Hussein urged the unity of his Iraqi people, regardless of their religious and ethnic creed, to confront U.S. plans to divide their country on sectarian grounds.” The lawyer also added Saddam urged people of all persuasions to “shoulder a historic responsibility,” presumably by not voting and blowing up as many of their fellow citizens as possible.

You wonder how Mr. Khasawneh looks at himself in the mirror. [He probably has no problem.-ed. Probably not.] Nevertheless, we must put up with him. Democracy building, as we learn by the day, is tough. Even mass psycho-killers must have a defense.


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