Roger L. Simon

Strange News from Iraq the Model

I just returned home to many emails plus a number of posts on here, wondering if I know the explanation for the sudden withdrawal of Ali, one of the brothers of Iraq the Model, from blogging. I do not. As most people who read this blog know, I only met his brothers Omar and Mohammed when they came to a party at our house. I found them to be fine fellows, as engaging in person as they are online. I would imagine Ali to be the same and hope to meet him some day.

Judging from the large number of posts on their site, many are distressed with Ali’s departure. I feel the same way. Some people are getting a bit overheated about this. One gentleman in their comments even accused me of publishing photographs of Omar and Mohammed on this blog, which is of course categorically untrue. This would have been easy to check for him, but I guess he preferred the comfort of his accusations.