Roger L. Simon

An Endangered Species That Should Be Allowed to Go

dino.jpgWhile I often come down on the “green” side of ecological arguments, I have long learned that each situation must be taken on its merits. And sometimes reports are conflicting. (Should we be eating Chilean sea bass? Beats me.)

But one endangered species that seems long past its time (if it ever had one) is the Genus Anchormanus Pomposis. What an outrageous Darwinian anomaly that was. Imagine only three people determining the nightly television news for hundreds of millions of people in what is supposed to be a democracy. Well, thankfully, a couple of them seem to be sinking fast in the LaBrea Tar Pits with the third one lumbering about without many years to go. Meanwhile, replacements battle each other for the vacated posts. But for what? Viewers are deserting them, as well they should. Extinction is easy to predict.