Roger L. Simon

Election Section

The Ukranian Parliament has declared “no confidence” in their presidential election, but let’s be honest – how many of us knew the difference between Yanukovych and Yushchenko before this contretemps? I didn’t. Of course, I’ve been trying to get up to speed and it is the blogosphere – as usual – that has educated me more than the MSM. This is something to be rembered as different blogs (hint hint) present new strategies for survival in 2005. Blogs are… to paraphrase Woody Allen on relationships during the Woodman’s better period… like sharks – they must move forward or die.

But speaking of elections, at first blush I oppose the postponement in Iraq. It would seem to me the parties that wish to thwart democracy in that country will not disappear in six months (or six years, for that matter). Immediate elections will strike a blow against them, as they did in Afghanistan. But the Bush Administration is an awkward position if it is seen to override the Iraqis themselves in forcing an election. Tricky.