The Future and Its Enemies

I could think of nothing better for the headline of this post than the title of Virginia Postrel’s book, which so aptly describes the difference between today’s post on Iraq the Model and today’s editorial in The New York Times.


The Times, still writing as if we were in the midst of the election, whines on tediously about the bleak picture in Iraq and bemoans, yet again, American lack of cooperation with other countries (Would they recommend the triumvirate of Putin, Chirac and Annan? How “progressive” of them!) Hello, 43rd Street, John Kerry lost. And the biggest reason, in my estimation, was his unremitting negativity. He had nothing positive to offer.

But speaking of something positive, read Iraq the Model today. The three brothers have just formed a new political party. Too bad I’m not an Iraqi. As a disaffected Democrat, I’m looking for someplace to go with an optimistic view of the future.

More optimism… homegrown style… here.


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