Roger L. Simon


moma.jpgThe re-upped Museum of Modern Art designed by Yoshio Tanguchi deserves its good reviews. The collection looks better than it ever did… and it was always amazing. Even in the Disneyland-like Thanksgiving crowd, Sheryl, Madeleine and I had a great time. (Hint: If you’re from out of town, join MOMA. The sixty dollar membership is about the size of three admissions and gets you around the lines which, indeed, look like Disneyland).

As for my question about Madeline being force fed, no way. She was totally into it, dropping to the floor to copy works of art on a little note pad we bought her. Maybe it really is the “family business.”

Here’s Madeleine with a Pollock she recognized immediately from a children’s book followed by her dirtying up her new coat sketching in the sculpture court.