Long Live Death!

Sorry for the continued TypeKey madness but it will be resolved, with luck quickly, if not when I am back in LA this weekend.

Meawnhile we will all have to listen to a fair amount of Arafat dishonesty – a normal state of affairs with the recently dead. Reader Craig emails:


CBS news is trying its dead level best to sabotage their own network. They just interrupted the end Of “CSI: New York” with a “Special Report” that Arafat is dead. No kidding, good damn riddance. John Roberts, who is quickly becoming my least favorite newsman, and that’s saying something, inflicted upon us a two minute video French kiss on Arafat which included the ridiculous statement that “Arafat didn’t live to see his dream of an independent Palestinian state become a reality.” Puh Leez.

Puhleez indeed. If Arafat had wanted a Palestinian state, he could have had one many times over. He wanted no such thing. He wanted hundreds of millions in the bank and the perks of a Mafia chieftain – and he got what he wanted. Looked at objectively, he had more contempt for the Palestinian people that anybody alive.

Meanwhile, Jacques Chirac seems to agree with CBS while Power Line is skeptical.


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