Roger L. Simon

Those Subtle Mullahs - A Radio Preview

There’s no question that Iran’s Mullahs are much cleverer than the heavy-handed Yasir Arafat who endorsed John Kerry for President the other day, thus probably scaring away more votes in South Florida than Pat Buchanan. The mullahs know better. They feign indifference to the American election:

It makes no real difference to Iran whether US President George W. Bush or Democrat contender John Kerry wins the presidential elections, a senior Iranian official said Tuesday.

“It makes no difference for us which of the two parties wins the elections,” Iran’s top national security official Hassan Rowhani said in an interview on state television.

Oh, really? Well, we shall see. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the EU’s big three will attempt to play “Let’s Make a Deal” with the Ayatollahs. The Iranian response is, as usual, equivocal:

“We are not saying we are refusing Westerners offers to provide us with nuclear fuel, but we want also to produce our own nuclear fuel … as well as buying what we lack from the West,” Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) chief Gholamreza Aghazadeh said on state television.

He also denounced the “politicizing” of the Iranian nuclear case, declaring that Iran did not have “any non-peaceful nuclear activities.”

I guess I’m one of those nefarious “politicizers,” since I will be appearing on the John Batchelor Show tomorrow at 7:30PM Eastern to discuss the situation in Iran along with DoctorZin (the Iran, not the wine, expert) and Dan Darling of Regnum Crucis. Maybe I should do some homework.

OOPS: It seems we will be taped at the above time and broadcast later that night. I will post the exact broadcast time when I learn it.