Roger L. Simon

"A Taxing Woman"

As anyone with an IQ in triple digits knows, for anyone with an income in six figures, it doesn’t matter half as much what your tax rate is as who your accountant is. Loopholes abound in a country where virtually every doctor, lawyer, casino-owning Indian chief and (successful) screenwriter is paid through a loanout company whose affairs are almost never audited. And that particular fiddle only scratches the surface.

That is why I always laugh when politicians stamp their feet and demand higher rates on the rich. Every one of them knows that’s the least of it – they’re rich themselves and have rigged the game in their favor. Image is all. If her husband weren’t running for President, you could be sure this woman would be paying even lower taxes.

UPDATE: If you’re wondering about the title, it comes from this brilliant comic film by Juzo Itami. If you haven’t seen it, rent it.