Roger L. Simon

Letters to the Editor (not this one)

I thought readers of this blog might be interested in the following letter written by our frequent commenter Thibaud to an editor of The Guardian in the UK.

To Jonathan Freedland, Editor, The Guardian, re. “Operation Clark County, Ohio”

Mr Freedland – How does it feel to be running a transatlantic spam campaign, destroying strangers’ privacy, and influencing foreign elections? A friend of mine tried the Guardian’s little contact an Ohio voter gimmick and was given, by your website, the email and home address of what is most likely a single woman living alone in a Clark County apartment. Has it occurred to you, or whoever was the joker who dreamed up this idiotic scheme, that you may be enabling stalkers?

Not to mention violating the EU’s Data Protection Privacy law and aligning yourselves with Nigerian con artists. Do you not find this sort of behavior rather un-progressive?

Then again, as Hitchens points out, the progressive left ceased to be progressive a long time ago, when many on the left began using Kissingerite tropes to oppose American interventions against fascism in the balkans and Iraq.

My advice is to residents of Clark County is to download Mozilla Thunderbird for their email client. Great spam blocking and it’s free.