Roger L. Simon

Breakfast with Ron - The Secret Ballot

Sheryl and I had breakfast with Ron Silver this morning in Studio City. Like me, Ron is a Hollywood apostate and we had considerable catching up to do, but in the midst of this he turned to us and asked how many “closet Bush voters” we knew. He claimed to know several who cannot be named. I am less sure. But we certainly live in strange times, when people feel, for personal and professional reasons, constrained to hide their votes. I can’t remember it ever being this extreme. I guess that’s why we have a secret ballot.

Still, I wonder how people are really voting, as opposed to what they say to friends and colleagues or to pollsters. Are all those myriad Kerry bumper stickers in my neighborhood real – or will people have a last moment problem punching the chad for someone who seemed more concerned with Howard Dean than Al Qaeda? We’ll know soon enough.