Roger L. Simon

"Michael Moore Hates America"

That’s the over-hyped title of a new documentary on guess who? Frankly I don’t really care what Michael Moore feels about America. I just care what Michael Moore thinks (not much). But apparently, according to this review by Andrew Leigh (logrolling check here) the movie isn’t nearly as Al Franken-Ann Coulter-Up-Against-the-Ideological-Wall-MF as the title makes it sound. Actually, unlike its subject, it’s supposed to be kind of sweet. I haven’t seen it. My first chance would be Thursday at the Writers Guild Theatre where it double-bills with The Debate. But I’d rather watch that at home (close to the computer). And I’ll be out of LA over the weekend when it plays at this venue – Hollywood’s first conservative film festival. I have mixed feelings about that event because, much as the likes of Sundance are liberal-infested ad nauseum, I’d like to see film festivals in general be more balanced and devoted to the art of film. Maybe I’m dreaming.