Roger L. Simon

Attention... Bill Burkett!

It’s time for you to stop talking to the press and to start talking to this man.

MORE: In a way, I am sorry I have made a joke about all this. When you read the USA Today link above, all you can wonder is what was going through the minds of the CBS producers when they trusted this poor man. It is certainly more than possible that Burkett is lying, but it couldn’t be more obvious he is a highly disturbed invididual. He has seizures. (Yes, I know those with seizures are not always disturbed, but in this case it comes with a whole host of other indications.) And yet the CBS producers decided to exploit him for their pathetic political ends. Those producers deserve whatever happens to them and more. And I hope it’s a lot. Besides being liars, they are morally repellent.

UPDATE: Well, it’s not Mark Geragos, but Burkett has evidently called his lawyer.

MEANWHILE: Michael has a good piece examining other legal implications of what is going on.