Roger L. Simon

The Party of Paranoia

It may be that Rathergate has already found its Woodward & Bernstein in Michael Dobbs who continues to own this story in Saturday’s WaPo: Parallels Drawn Between CBS Memos, Texan’s Postings. The blogs may have broken the story open, but Dobbs is now doing the heavy lifting.

Max Clelland puts in a cameo appearance along with the already ubiquitous Lt. Col. “Wild” Bill Burkett who is sounding more like a pea-brained version of General ‘Buck’ Turgeson every day..

In an Aug. 21 posting, Burkett referred to a conversation with former senator Max Cleland (D-Ga.) about the need to counteract Republican tactics: “I asked if they wanted to counterattack or ride this to ground and outlast it, not spending any money. He said counterattack. So I gave them the information to do it with. But none of them have called me back.”

Cleland confirmed that he had a two- or three-minute conversation by cell phone with a Texan named Burkett in mid-August while he was on a car ride. He remembers Burkett saying that he had “valuable” information about Bush, and asking what he should with it. “I told him to contact the [Kerry] campaign,” Cleland said. “You get this information tens of times a day, and you don’t know if it is legit or not.”

Who knows if this will actually connect up with the Kerry Campaign, but, you know, who cares? The whole thing is already so pathetic, just as the campaign itself is. The Democratic Party this year is running on fumes and those fumes are equal parts Bush hatred, paranoia and projection. Ever since Kerry got up and “reported for duty,” not a single constructive idea or even thought has been in evidence. Bob Shrum and his cohorts are the most overpaid group of political advisers (if such a thing is possible) in history. They have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would imagine, for absolutely nothing. This is the emptiest campaign I can recall in my lifetime. People accuse Kerry of flip-flopping, but what’s he flip-flopping from and to? You can’t flip-flop if you have no starting point. To say there’s no there there would be an insult to the city of Oakland, the original butt of Gertrude Stein’s sarcasm. I’m a registered Democrat and sometimes I’m so disgusted I think I should get in my car and go register Independent. But what’s the point? What would I be leaving? It doesn’t even exist. Can anyone tell me what the Democratic Party stands for besides keeping some people in their jobs? And please don’t give me this palaver about socialism, crypto or otherwise. That’s an insult to Karl Marx. He had a real philosophy, like it or not. These people have bubkus.