Roger L. Simon

I just got home and my wife told me...

… one of the talking heads on CNN said the Bush convention bounce was over. I guess they hadn’t read DRUDGE yet… No doubt they will.

Meanwhile, to give you all an idea of the new blogosphere clout, I have been linked many times by The Generous Tennessean, but when I saw his link tonight I clicked a little button I have that tells me how many people are currently on this site. It read 837. Previous highs were in 500s. Total daily visitors this week have regularly gone over 20,000. I never expected this. Maybe I’ll have to keep blogging… as will a whole host of others. Keep on truckin’, as we used to say!

UPDATE: The Drudge Scoop, which I am informed was originally on, is now no longer a scoop and can be found here.