Roger L. Simon

The First Words from CBS Exec are Banal, Insulting and Misspelled

That’s quite a trifecta. From Drudge:

“We established to our satisfaction that the memos were accurate or we would not have put them on television. There was a great deal of coroborating [sic] evidence from people in a position to know. Having said that, given all the questions about them, we believe we should redouble our efforts to answer those questions, so that’s what we are doing.”

UPDATE: Many are noting the use of the word “accurate” instead of “authentic.” Of course, someone who can’t spell corroborate may not know the difference between the two. But I would think this statement has been endlessly vetted by lawyers. What this reminds me of, everyone, is watching the disintegration of a totalitarian state. To compare Dan Rather to someone like Ceausescu is, of course, wildly excessive. But the mood and the odd, almost nonsensical, use of rhetoric is the same. An extraordinary transition is taking place in front of our eyes. It is not just Rather, but an entire system of news delivery on trial.