Roger L. Simon

At Least They're Consistent

Instapundit pointed the way to a New York Post article this morning on Dan Rather’s other “imploding scoop,” which has recently been a topic on this blog. One thing about CBS and Rather – at least they have a consistent standard: Anything that can hurt Bush or his administration is news. Anything that helps them is not news. (It’s a new version of man bites dog.) Have you seen a follow up on CBS that the supposed Israeli spy scandal in the Pentagon is dead in the water? No? I’m shocked. Let me know when you do.

UPDATE: Apropos of Nordlinger’s continuing “Isreal journal,” (linked above under “recently”), part III, posted today, is also interesting. He writes of a meeting with Israeli TV personality Oded Granot:

Finally, a bit about the U.S. election. I paraphrase [Granot]: “If Bush is reelected and succeeds in Iraq, this will have a big effect on the region – including the Palestinian question. If he fails, or the U.S. fails, it will be a disaster. The worst Arab leaders will say, ‘We are the master of this region now, not the U.S.’ Iran will be emboldened, when it least needs to be. A U.S. pullout would be a green light for the extremists.”