Roger L. Simon

They Are All CBS

Although Tuesday’s Washington Post is finally doing what the blogs have already done some time ago, decimating the ludicrous defense of Dan Rather and his cohorts at CBS, they are more than a day late and ultimately billions of dollars short. The game is already over, ladies and gentlemen. We are in a new era.

The mainstream media, if the truth be told, to one degree or another, are all CBS. Most of them have relied for years, again to one degree or another, on their position and reputation rather than on genuine fact checking in promulgating their versions of the news. Those days are now over… way over, because, for technological and manpower reasons, as has been demonstrated by the Rather affair, the blogs are better qualified to fact check than the mainstream media ever were. I was going to write “may be better qualified to fact check,” but why bother? In this case, the facts are simple. We are open to all. We have more potential resources with more varied backgrounds. And we revise ourselves constantly in response to criticism (at least we should). These are all things that the mainstream media do not do. Many people, for good reason, already trust us more than the mainstream media. They shouldn’t. Don’t trust anybody. Verify. Then decide if we’re telling truth. I’m sure you already do, if you read blogs. And, if we’re not telling the truth or interpreting correctly, with the blogs you can get involved and protest. You can start your own blog and tell the truth – for virtually no money. We are all part of the process. If you want positive anarchy, don’t look to the protesters in Davos. Look to the blogosphere.