Roger L. Simon

Hardball continues...

… and not just under the aegis of the cable show’s motor-mouth host. [Who watches that?–ed. No one, evidently.] Tonight the more successful “Sixty Minutes” is going to feature some trash talk of its own about Bush’s National Guard service (or lack thereof) by a fellow named Ben Barnes, who once alleged that he got Bush into that same Guard when he (Barnes) was Lt. Governor of Texas. This claim can seen on this video link sent me by my friend JPod. It seems there’s a problem — Bush was sworn in by the Nat’l Guard on May 27, 1968. Barnes wasn’t Lt. Gov. of Texas until 1969. When Bush joined the NG, BB was US Representative to the UN in Geneva.

Well, maybe Barnes “misspoke” (oh, that again) and did the whole thing long distance from Switzerland. But it certainly doesn’t smell good. Ultimately, however, who knows and who cares? The trash-talking about Bush is obvious payback for the Swift Vets. But there is a big difference. Bush never claimed to be a war hero and is not running on his Vietnam War record. He’s not running as an “anti-war candidate” either, paradoxical or fungible as that is, today or yesterday. [What is Kerry running on anyway?–ed. Self-regard.]

AND MEANWHILE… for those who still think that what Kerry really stands for is “consulting with our allies”… well, the answer, my friend, is blowing in the–you know the rest.