Roger L. Simon

The Public Hanging of a Sixteen Year Old Girl in Iran

More news is emerging of the sad public hanging of the 16-year old girl in Iran. To recap:

On Sunday August 15, 2004, a 16 year old girl by the name of Atefe Rajabi, daughter of Ghassem Rajabi, was executed in the town of Neka, located in the province of Mazandaran, for “engaging in acts incompatible with chastity”. The execution was carried out by the order of Neka’s “judicial administrator” and was approved by both the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic and the chief of the nation’s “judiciary branch.”

Although according to her birth certificate she was only 16 years old, the local court falsely claimed that she was 22.

Three months ago, during her appearance before the local court, fiercely angry the young girl hurled insults at the local judge, Haji Reza, who is also the chief judicial administrator of the city, and it is said as another expression of protest took off some of her clothes in the courtroom. This act by the young girl made the administrator so furious that he evaluated her file personally and in less than three months received a go-ahead from the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Court for her execution. The animosity and anger of Haji Reza was so strong that he personally put the rope around the girl’s delicate neck and personally gave the signal to the crane operator, by raising his hand, to begin pulling the rope.

There’s more at the link above, if you can stomach it. Meanwhile, an Iranian doctor named Ramin Etabar posted this plea to all of us:

The murderous mullahs of Iran have executed another minor. The interviews of locals in the city of Neka conducted by Radio Farda revealed that this child was either mentally retarded or was suffering from a psychiatric illness.
As a physician and human right’s activist I can not express my outrage enough.
The terrorist regime in Iran has been killing children for the past twenty five years. The virgin girls are raped by these Islamic hooligans the night before their execution in order to “prevent them from going to heaven”.
We the Iranian people hold the E.U. and corporate sponsors of the terror regime responsible for continuation of tyrannies in Iran.
Please do your humanitarian share of responsibility and forward this content to the press, multinational corporations and government officials of your country of residence.
May god bless the souls of the genocide victims of the I.R.I.

It would be interesting if our media confronted the presidential candidates with questions about Iran. As most of us realize, the Islamic Republic which practices this barbarism is on the edge of nuclear weapons, if not already over it. What issue could be more important?

By the way, those who are unaware of the public hangings sponsored by the Iranian mullahs, if you have the stomach for it, images can be found here.