Roger L. Simon

The UN Society for the Preservation of Fascism

With its overwhelming vote against the Israeli security fence/wall/barrier, the United Nations General Assembly has once again proven itself to be the enabler of Palestinian fascism in its theocratic and just plain thug/totalitarian costumes. Sometimes I think the UN’s motivation is actually unconscious sadism toward the Palestinian people because yet another UN ratification of the “righteousness of their cause” is exactly what they don’t need. It gives Arafat, the Sadist in Chief, more pseudo-moral rationalization (as if he needed any) for continuing to torture his own people, robbing them blind while encourging their children to emulate suicide bombers (an act of child abuse on the level of Saddam Hussein or Hitler… and in this case it’s not even much of an exaggeration). It also continues the blame-Israel psychosis that has eaten the Arab world alive, keeping them impoverished and locked in illiteracy. Shame on the Brits for playing along with this decrepit, immoral policy. At least the Aussies are waking up, able to see through it. Kudos to them.

I’m sure some “progressive thinkers” will remind us that the Israelis are not building their wall on the Green Line. Get real. Countries are not saints. (Even saints are usually not saints.) That horse ran out of the barn after the Camp David talks when the Israelis made a solid offer to Arafat and he never even countered. Then they started blowing up Israelis. But even so, would I build closer to the Green Line? Yeah, I probably would. I’m a softie (probably too much). But I’m not the Prime Minister of Israel, in case you haven’t noticed, and I don’t have his population to deal with. I also don’t have to deal with school children being blown up on buses. As I said, get real. The UN certainly isn’t…. But then we knew that, didn’t we? (Oil-for-Food about destroyed the UN’s moral credit forever.)

[Wow, that was some rant.–ed. Well, somebody asked.]