Roger L. Simon

Que Pasa Linda?

On the surface (and probably below the surface too) the brouhaha over Linda Ronstadt getting the boot is about as trivial, given the affairs of our day, as it gets. For those who have missed this, La Ronstadt was booed off stage at the Aladdin and then fired by the managment of the Vegas hotel for dedicating her performance to Michael Moore, in her words a “great American patriot.”

Now here’s why I’m even bothering to post about this. Although I supported and still support the war in Iraq, there are decent, educated arguments against it. And, indeed, the verdict of history has not be written and may not be for many years. Did the attempt – by force – to bring the Arab Middle East its first democracy work? We don’t know yet. Far from it.

But what we do know… any of us who are paying the slightest attention that is… is that Michael Moore is self-promoting serial liar whose movie bears as much relationship to the truth as Nosferatu (apologies to Murnau). Now does Ronstadt not care about that or is she simply illiterate? And I’m not talking just about Ronstadt here, but an entire genre of entertainer. I’m sure Elton John below is equally uninformed. Is it simply because they want to be liked? Is it that banal?