Oil-for-Food Winners -- Russians and Saudis

According to Fox News, these two countries are the big winners… so far… in the great Oil-for-Food rake off (one of the recipients is a Saudi Mercedes dealership – talk about your clichés.)


The list of the foreign companies approved by Saddam, obtained exclusively by FOX News, spells out that Russian and Saudi Arabian companies were the big winners in the scheme, which was beset by bribes and kickbacks.

As of now the French are not heavily in evidence. But it may be too early to break out the Bordeaux. This is a first pass and many of these companies are evidently fronts. Maybe the Los Angeles Times can start to make amends for their biased coverage of Bremer’s departure speech by putting some of its investigative reporters on the Oil-for-Food Scandal to figure this out. Or is that just not important enough?

UPDATE: Something just occurred to me. If a fair number of those Saudi companies were under Wahhabi management, that means the UN Oil-for-Food Program could have been financing Al Qaeda in large numbers. Now that’s a scary thought.


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