The Canada Free Press on Obama

The Canada Free Press has published an extraordinary indictment of Obama. Their brief centers on how the President and his administration handled the crisis in Benghazi. It is a devastating rehearsal of incompetence salted by self-absorption — our guys get murdered, Obama flies to a fund-raiser in Vegas — but the nub of the criticism is independent Benghazi:


In the November 2012 presidential election, America is given an opportunity almost no other country suffering under tyranny is offered—the chance to wake-up and toss out a despot before he fatally damages our noble Republic. Let us pray Americans will cast aside sentimentality and act as true patriots and save America from a crafty and utterly immoral, power-mad demagogue.

There you have it, folks. Has anyone put the case against Obama more succinctly — or more accurately? h/t for this eloquent and accurate piece to Instapundit.


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