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Sex Week at Harvard

William Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection drew my attention yesterday to “Sex Week at Harvard.” I tweeted about it then (@rogerkimball), but the true awfulness of the phenomenon cannot be captured in 140 characters.

According to its web site, the event was organized by “Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College (SHEATH), a recognized student-run organization at Harvard.” The organization is “dedicated to empowering the Harvard community to explore their experiences with love and sex by providing comprehensive programming addressing a wide range of issues relating to sex, relationships, dating, sexual health, and sexuality.” All the important subjects a well-rounded college student would wish to master.

Are you feeling a little shiver of cognitive dissonance, a slight frisson of surrealistic displacement?  There's a lot more where that came from. Here’s the description of sex week:

Sex Week at Harvard intends to promote a week of programming that is interdisciplinary, thought-provoking, scholastic, innovative, and applicable to student experiences in order to promote a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality. Our goal is to connect diverse individuals and communities both within and beyond Harvard through common human experiences with love, sex, sexuality, and relationships.

“Interdisciplinary,” eh? “Scholaistic”? “Innovative”? “Diverse individuals”? I also liked this little advisory: “All of the events will be designed to be welcoming to anyone, regardless of their personal identities, practices, and preferences.”

They’re just joshing, of course. The program is designed to be welcoming only to a couple narrow slivers of the population. Curiously, they are slivers that overlap only slightly.  “Sex Week at Harvard” is “designed to be welcoming”  to the feminist-inspired PC sexual police who are always advising you to “take back the night” and natter on endlessly about protecting women even as they advocate “empowering” them sexually. “Sex Week” is also “designed to be welcoming” to certain species of sexual adventurer, not your traditional Don Juan, of course — he was a patriarchal sexist pig — but other, more florid blossoms on the tree of sexual obsession

Are you in Cambridge, Massachusetts, today? You’re in luck!  Here are some of the “innovative,” “thought provoking,” “scholastic” entertainments you can sample:

 Hooking Up on Campus

8PM, Science Center D

Hooking up is happening at Harvard–at least, so it appears from I Saw You Harvard.But what is the hook up culture all about, and what is it really like? Popular sociologist Dr. Lisa Wade shares her scholarly work on hook up culture on college campuses across this nation. College students are having sex, it’s true–but the details might surprise you! Lisa will use survey data and first-person stories to reveal the real hook up culture, arguing that we should be worried about the sexual culture on college campuses, but not for the reasons you might think.

Nota bene: this exploration of “the real hook up culture” is sponsored by the “Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.”