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Yet more insanity from the Religion of Peace

Didn’t you love the story of how Whoopi Goldberg and the other dame stomped off the set of the Menopausal Menagerie, a.k.a., “The View,” because Bill O’Reilly, the show’s guest, had the temerity to say he thought building the so-called Ground Zero Mosque was “inappropriate”?

It’s almost as nice as National Politically Correct Radio firing Juan Williams for saying the spectacle of chaps in “Muslim garb” on planes made him “worried” and “nervous.”

They make everybody who’s not in “Muslim garb” nervous.  A friend sent me the following — under the subject line “What’s the point of taking this picture?”—  which lightheartedly illustrates one thing that is meant by “Muslim garb.”

On the subject of why Juan Williams might be “worried” or “nervous,” an AP headline from the Islamic regime of Iran offers some considerably less lighthearted evidence:

Iranian authorities cut off hand of thief

Nice, isn’t it?  And the story goes on to inform us that the “authorities” carried out this disgusting and barbarous act “in front of other prisoners” as a warning and “in a possible step toward restoring the punishment to common use and carrying it out in public.” Progress on every front, what? And these are the folks we are reaching out a hand to . . .  er, attempting to negotiate with over their nuclear program? Are we really going to sit back and let this insane regime acquire the means of inflicting mass murder?  Are we?

And how’s this, the concluding sentence of that AP report: “Critics say amputations and public executions and floggings hurt Iran’s image and reflect badly on Islam.”

Really? Do you think so?  Amputations, public executions, floggings — and let’s not forget steering commercial airplanes into skyscrapers, decapitating journalists, stoning women and homosexuals, murdering filmmakers, burning embassies, blowing up nightclubs, etc., etc. :  they don’t hurt Iran’s image nearly as much as they should, if you ask me. And as for “reflecting badly on Islam,”  that’s hogwash. You usually say “X” reflects badly on “Y” when you think Y is actually better than X —  that X is somehow anomalous or unrepresentative of Y. But all these amputations, stonings, etc. are not anomalous.

They don’t “reflect badly” on Islam. They are Islam.  Which is yet another reason that W. Goldberg and NPR have garnered some part of the contempt and loathing they deserve.