Who is Bob Etheridge?

Who is Bob Etheridge? The quick but incomplete answer is that he is — for the time being, anyway — a Democratic congressman from North Carolina.

The answer is incomplete because it needs to be supplemented by the fact that he is also someone who, when politely addressed on the street by a student, reacts by physically assaulting him.

Check this out (and thanks to Andrew Breitbart for posting the clip):

President Obama is notoriously thin-skinned when it comes to criticism.  The idea, I think, is that he regards his election not as an expression of the will of the people — a determination that might alter tomorrow with the alteration of our national fortunes — but rather as a sort of divine dispensation, without of course involving anything so plebeian as actual divinity. To put it somewhat paradoxically: It’s election as a state of election.  And it seems to be a Democratic handicap. A student asks a public servant (yes, I know it sounds quaint) if he fully supports the Obama agenda and the reaction is a combination of anger, contempt, and physical abuse.

“Who are you? Who are you?”:  Rep. Etheridge kept asking the student that. But the real question is why Bob Etheridge still holds his seat.