Ahmadinejad to US: "Make my day!"

gun.jpgThe Austrian-made Steyr gun is a hard guy to ignore since it is armor-piercing. According to the Daily Telegraph, they were sold legally to the Iranians and now .. somehow… have wound up in the hands of the terrorists in Iraq… yet another smoking gun.


Of course, the US is to be disbelieved. Our government lied about WMDs, etc., etc., we must be lying about this.

But what if we’re not? What if Iran is really and truly at war with us? What do we do? This is not so simple at the moment. Most of the European public and a large part of the American public doesn’t seem to care what Iran does … or perhaps more accurately doesn’t want to think about it. The more “aware” console themselves with reports that Ahmadinejad is in eclipse. Or so they would have us think because of some elections that don’t count for all that much anyway. Meanwhile, the mullahs keep building their nuclear capacity. Wasn’t it Nixon who told us “Watch what I do, not what I say”? He was certainly right about that. Someone can easily say “Make my day” or even “I love you” while blowing you to smithereens with a Steyr gun.


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