Levels of Propaganda

One of the more interesting phenomenon of the reluctant pas de deux being danced by the blogosphere and the mainstream media is how that interaction reveals levels of propaganda heretofore unseen. Also, the interaction is fraught with irony. Institutions like CBS (greatly) and the New York Times (to a lesser extent) live in fear of the blogosphere and what it can do, for oftern justifiable reasons. Heads have rolled. But in reality the blogosphere is journalism’s best friend and hope in helping to restore its lost credibility. Journalists will only gain the respect they do not have when they are seen as purveyors of truth–or at least honest brokers in the pursuit of it.


None one understands this better than Wretchard. His response to the article attacking him (and me to a lesser degree) in Salon is a tour-de-force, taking the discussion to levels I never thought about. Read it.



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