The Banality of Being Brownstein

Ron Brownstein – the well-respected political columnist of the Los Angeles Times – seems to think many people who post on this blog and the blogger himself are marginal at best. He writes in his post-election wrap up:


But exit polls gauging voter sentiment showed that though he continued to enjoy overwhelming support from his conservative base, he had made only limited progress at expanding his reach among voters beyond it.

Of course these are the LA Times’ exit polls and we know how accurate their polling methods are (see under Schwarzenegger). But perhaps Brownstein is right, perhaps there are only very few of us who are not conservative automatons and able to think for ourselves, weighing various issues and making a choice, in this case for Bush. [Please keep the steam from flying out of your ears.-ed. I’m trying, I’m trying.] I doubt it, though it’s possible. But even so, I would hate to be Brownstein. What a pedestrian way to see the world. How dull and backward looking! (hat tip: Catherine Johnson)



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