Buffoons of CBS

Not unexpectedly, via a new WaPo report, the gang at CBS are beginning to look like the most pathetic partisan buffoons, accepting unsubtantiated documents via fax from Abilene, Texas. Those documents… or whatever you want to call them… now seem to have been sent by a disgruntled figure with a history of depression. This is the vaunted mainstream media? The Wizard of Oz is more like it. The Kerry Campaign must be sighing with relief that it is not them… at least so far.


Meanwhile, at the bottom of the Washington Post’s report, an intriguing paragraph:

In a related development, White House press secretary Scott McClellan hinted that more documents regarding Bush’s National Guard service may soon be released. Asked whether officials in the White House have seen unreleased documents, McClellan called that “a very real possibility.” Other officials with knowledge of the situation said more documents had indeed been uncovered and would be released in the coming days.

Poor CBS. If they hadn’t stonewalled, you could almost feel sorry for them. Maybe they should all go to Darfur and do penance, do something useful with their lives.

But not Dan – his future is assured.

UPDATE: Ace of Spades has many intersting posts regarding Mr. Burkett, including this fisking of the NYT.


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