Why Is CBS Stonewalling?

That is indeed the question to this mystery writer as even the mainstream media continue to pile on CBS. By now there is indeed more evidence against Rather et al than against OJ.


So what are they hiding when an apology several days ago would seem to have put this all behind them? America loves apologies, after all. We are a forgiving people. But… alas… as the solons of CBS know all too well… we also ask questions. Trust, but verify. And the question at the top of my list right now, given this latest report from ABC that the producers at CBS were not very interested in the warnings of their own experts, is the obvious… Was CBS working alone? Was there some train that could not be derailed? If my character Moses Wine were investigating this case, he’d be mighty suspicious. There are too many odd facts out there. And the conclusion that this came from the Kerry campaign is almost too simple, so as a crime writer I remain suspicious. But life is sometimes less complex than a mystery story. A tale like this doesn’t need that many plot twists to sell. It only needs the truth–and scandal. That it has in abundance.

Earlier today, I thought this story was about over. Whether Rather admitted guilt was immaterial. His reputation had already been demolished beyond recognition. But there may be more… and if there is, look out… Watergate may have been outgated.


UPDATE: John Ellis, a man ‘o the media of many years, has some good insider information. Also, this email from one of his readers is interesting. (hat tip: Catherine Johnson)

Several people have asked me how I would figure this out as a mystery writer. I’m having trouble. Reason: In this case it seems as if the villains were really dumb. In a mystery, you’re always working overtime to make them smart (for a better story). But in the final analysis, if anything puts an end to the “Bush dumb!” meme, this should be it. Compared to this adversaries, he’s a genius.

AND NOW: CBS is supposed to make a statement at noon. It better be good, because “the whole world is watching.”



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